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Factory B2


Factory specification outline
Substructure : Concrete Piles
Floor : Reinforced concrete slab
Floor Loading Capacity : 2 tons/sqm
Walls : Painted concrete block walls with steel louvres (6-8 meters high)
Roof Structure : Pre-enginered steel columns and rafters or reinforced concrete columns with steel roof trusses
Roof : Metal sheet rolling with insulation
Doors : Steel rolling shutters (mechanical type)
Lighting Fixture : High pressure mercury lighting fixtures with built-in control gear
Lighting protection : Provided
Office area
Substructure : Concrete piles
Floor :
Reinforced concrete slab or precast concrete slab (300 kg/sqm) with vinyl tile finish
Walls : Concrete block walls with plaster and paint finish
Doors and windows : Glass panel with aluminum frame doors and windows for exterior
Ceiling : Gypsum board with T-bars
Lighting Fixture : Recessed ceiling mounted lighting fixtures with fluorescent lamps
Road : Reinforced concrete road (6 meters wide)
Storm Drainage : Reinforced concrete pipes with manholes and inspection pit
Sewage Drainage : PVC pipes with manholes and inspection pit
Fence :
Industrial estate standard (2 meters high)
Gate :
Sliding steel gate (6 - 10 meters wide)
Guard house : Reinforced concrete structure guard house

Under Construction